How long do orders process? 

We currently have a processing time of 7-8 weeks for our items, unless it specifically states its ready to ship. If items are ready to ship, you must allow us at least 5 days to pack up your order and get it out in a timely fashion. Please remember, TelepakikCreations is a ONE WOMAN business with occasional assistance from her husband, Sam has a full time job and is in school, there are times when life can seriously get in the way, but if you are curious about an ETA of your piece shoot over an email :)

How can I request a custom order? 

Great question! If you are interested in a custom piece, please direct message us on our instagram to get started or shoot us an email. Please keep in mind all customs do require a $75 deposit that is non-refundable. We will answer small questions regarding the custom process, but if at any point you request us to begin drawing, sketching, or drafting up a design, we WILL ask you for a deposit. We will discuss the process with you in more detail upon communication. Your deposit goes towards the balance of your piece. You have 14 days after the piece is completed to pay off your balance, if this is not done, then you automatically forfeit your piece to be sold as a sample. 

How can I get my order on time? 

We recommend that when planning, it is best to order any piece at minimum 8 weeks in advance. We typically ship out first class which is 3-4 days arrival. International customers must order at minimum 10 weeks in advance. 

I ordered a piece and my event is soon, what can I do? 

We will always try our best to accommodate a situation on a case by case basis, this may result in you paying extra costs for shipping, but its not promised we can assist! 

What kind of sizes do you offer? 

We work with any and all body types, we currently offer up to 4x. If you purchase a set and youre a different size on the top and bottom, please make a note at checkout so we can assure you get the correct sizes:)

Whats the best method to care for my items? 

We recommend hand washing in cold water with light detergent soap. All of our pieces are delicate and can potentially get torn or fade out if thrown in a typical washing cycle.

What does your return policy look like? 

We always respect and understand that all pieces may not be how you pictured. Made to Order items are not returnable or refundable, but if there is an issue with your order and pieces do not fit we will provide an alternative and assistance on the matter. We have a 10 day grace period to inspect any item. If the time is worn and you reach out to us regarding an issue with your order we would be happy to help alter or fix any item. You must pay for shipping and handling if we give you the approval that a return will be accepted, once we receive these items we will alert you and send back your fixed item. But it will be fixed in the order received just like any order coming in.

How can I keep up with your shop? 

Our shop is forever growing and our main source of marketing is put in towards our social media accounts on instagram and facebook. Follow us and like our page so you can get updates!!