Hi!! My name is SAM!! If you're taking the time to read this, than WELCOME SPACE BABEZ!! This is my small lil' bizz, something I have truly dreamt of creating for YEARS! I have always been captivated my festival fashion. It is truly a place to fully self express and let your personality tell a story. My love for festie fashion started back in 2012. YES, I started as a kandi kid (I am still one at heart), but as years rolled on, my fashion taste changed and so did my dreams. 

My mantra in life has always been 'Why be born into this world if you couldn't stand out?". Self expression and creativity have always been elements in my life that speak volumes. I couldn't imagine a world without it. I strive to inspire and be inspired. I have continued to challenge my ideas and take the things I create to new heights. My mission is to construct and design affordable, comfortable, and unique clothing that can last for hours on the dance floor. I only hope to utilize my experiences to my advantage and allow it to be the building blocks when designing my own original pieces. I hope that if you find yourself in a TelepakikCreations design, that it'll provoke your inner celestial GODDESS. 

Whether you're stopping by to check out my store or looking to purchase something to call your own, your support means the world to me! Please feel free to message me on my IG or shoot me an email with any inquires <3 

XOXO Sam Telepak